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CompuWork Pacific Inc has been serving US customers in the Pacific Northwest for over 15 years. The very favorable currency exchange rate results in significant costs savings for our American clientele. We are located close to the border, in Vancouver, B.C ., so our staff can serve you both in person and remotely. We have designed and implemented large database systems for a wide variety of organizations, including government and regulatory institutions.

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We design custom software specialized for your business per your specifications. This results in the creation of custom databases, user interfaces, reports and web sites that are tailored to fit each of our clients’ unique needs and practices. If you need to develop a new software application, rebuild an old one or integrate your systems with each other, our Microsoft Certified developers and expert product specialists are available to help. CompuWork does all of its development in-house at its Vancouver, BC office with a local staff of full-time employees.

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