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CompuWork has developed solutions for many sectors of the economy: Healthcare, Law & Justice, Financial Services, Public Utilities, federal and local Government, Transportation, and many more. Large projects and small jobs, from multi-national corporations with hundreds of users to small privately held businesses with only a couple of users, all have been served by CompuWork. The following Project Profiles provide some idea of the range of our development skills.

lush cosmetics
developmental disabilities association
lululemon athletica
city of bellingham - police department
UBC virology reference Lab
wis international
bc hydro
glacier media group
s.p. richards co
hongkong shanghai bank of canada

Heffel Fine Art Auction House

CompuWork experts have designed and developed Heffel's internal database and web site. We have actively participated in developing tools for use in Heffel's day-to-day business. Together we pioneered the Online art auction market in Canada.

During our 19 year business relationship, Heffel has grown from a Vancouver-based Gallery to the biggest art dealer in Canada.

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Lush Cosmetics

A legacy point-of-sale app took several hours to cycle through all the stores in North America. Of course it was not just pulling POS data but was also pushing out a lot of price and inventory data as well. But to meet one particular objective LUSH needed near real-time data for a small subset of POS data. CompuWork’s first generation solution could poll nearly 200 stores in less than 10 minutes. That accomplishment brought us kudos. But a few months later they came back and asked if we could do better. We considered the matter, decided we could, and we did. The cycling time is now under 30 seconds.

Many clients use our services in this way, somewhat like an IT SWAT team, when they have an urgent challenging objective and require external assistance and expertise for a limited-term special project.

Developmental Disabilities Association

CompuWork was first brought in to DDA in 2001 to pick up the pieces of an earlier effort and complete an application used to build pick up lists and route trucks for their donation program. That application was successfully completed and built out as necessary over time. Since then CompuWork has taken over the maintenance of 2 other database applications, one for their Respite Care program, and another for their Jobs West program that helps their clients who are seeking suitable employment. All 3 applications have a relational database at the core, and all 3 were initially developed by other vendors.

It can be challenging to take over an application designed and built by someone else, but CompuWork has successfully done that many times for many places.

Lululemon Athletica

Although Lululemon has a very competent IT department, they call upon CompuWork from time to time to assist when additional resources and specialized skills are required. CompuWork provides database administration services, and has developed management reporting applications, coding the complex database queries that underlie many such reports.

CompuWork has also devised and implemented various data exchange interfaces with several business partners.

City of Bellingham - Police Department

All police reports in the city find their way into this extensive database by way of a user interface so easy to use that most officers now enter their own reports, thus relieving the records department of an onerous burden and increasing the overall productivity of the department. The rich information store provides the basis for crime statistics reporting, and combined with a powerful querying interface, serves as a valuable investigative tool.

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University of BC - Department of Medical Microbiology - Virology Reference Lab

The hundreds of specimens that flow through this lab daily are labeled, routed and tracked using a client-server application, the Windows successor to an earlier DOS app, also developed by CompuWork. In addition to its operational role, the database also provides a deep data mine for research.

This system is a good example of integration - it interfaces with several other agencies to deliver test results directly into their systems, using a variety of technologies.

WIS International

In a partnership spanning more than 2 decades, CompuWork has developed 8 applications for this international leader. During that time, WIS Intl. has grown 10-fold, and swallowed up a US competitor 3 times its size. And the strategic core scheduling application developed by CompuWork scaled up to meet the challenge and remains in use today.

This enterprise-level application now runs on approximately 1,000 laptops in the field and keeps the databases of those mobile workers in sync with the company's master job schedule, while efficiently capturing and relaying job results back into the company's head office accounting and payroll systems.

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Management reporting has been the main objective of CompuWork on behalf of this growing fashion retail chain. That means devising complex queries to extract and aggregate large volumes of data from the point-of-sale and supply-chain databases.

Joining data from disparate databases is a challenge, but the CompuWork team applied its extensive skills to the task and succeeded time and again. A data warehousing implementation is now in the works and CompuWork remains on the team, planning and preparing the next generation of systems.

BC Hydro - Remote Diesel Generation

Over the past decade, CompuWork has produced half a dozen applications for this workgroup, ranging from budget planning to project tracking. The most significant is a database application to track several dozen periodic variables pertaining to generation and maintenance, and an extensive reporting system that provides for trending analysis, period-to-period comparisons and several key performance indicators for comparison with similar statistics achieved by peer groups operating in other provinces and countries.

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Glacier Media Group

You know all those flyers that make their way to your door via your local neighborhood newspaper, such as the Vancouver Courier or Business in Vancouver? It’s a far more complicated process than you might imagine and we’ve had a hand in building key components of that workflow. We’ve built a web-based interface that enables sales people to build distribution orders by picking targeted geographical areas and tallying the numbers in order to balance distribution totals against available or desired flyer quantities. Several steps later our solution kicks out a data file bound for a distribution system that ensures the flyers are delivered to the advertisers’ intended audience.

And if you’ve ever bought or sold a home you’ve probably read the Real Estate Weekly, another publication of this group. We built several apps there in the mid-90s and have maintained them ever since. Most recently we have built several very specialized components to facilitate XML data transformations, systems integration and workflow between them and various business partners.


The challenge facing this law firm was staff productivity. Processing a foreclosure requires the generation of many documents. And although there are many similarities in each, the particulars of each case determine exactly which documents will be required, and within each document, which sections should be included, and for each section, which clauses should be used. While processing hundreds of cases each year, how could the firm minimize both staff time required and the potential for human error? The answer: Generate those documents using a controlled Office application that manages document templates, sections and section order, and variable clauses for each. In partnership with the client and using Microsoft tools, CompuWork developed a successful solution that generates documents reliably and with a minimum of staff effort.

SPRichards Co.

This office supply wholesaler distributes its catalog to hundreds of retailers in electronic format. The store managers then use that data in conjunction with a simple Windows application that provides browsing and searching functionality to compile purchase orders, which are then transmitted electronically to the distributor. Although the origin of this system pre-dates the Internet era, it remains in use because of customer satisfaction.

Hongkong Shanghai Bank of Canada

CompuWork has developed three applications for this client: 1) A workgroup application for the trust department 2) An enterprise-level application for the human resources dept. to facilitate the bank's annual salary review and incentive program 3) Another workgroup application to track support issues for the bank's electronic banking products. All apps were developed in partnership with the client's IT staff, with each team being solely responsible for specific parts of the project.