vancouver database specialists

sql server experts
Our experts are Microsoft certified specialists.
We are a trusted business partner for over 30 years.
We are solution providers and database specialists.

Database-related services

  • Data analysis and data modeling
  • Database design and implementation
  • Data migrations and conversions
  • Data cleansing and duplicates removal

CompuWork helps businesses utilize their data efficiently in order to realize the full potential of their databases.

Data utilization services

  • Data merges and document generation
  • Business intelligence / monitoring dashboards
  • SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) - web-based data publishing

CompuWork provides a number of related services to help organizations increase their productivity and operate more efficiently.

Productivity-related services

  • Custom line-of-business applications development
  • Business process re-engineering
  • SharePoint configuration and customization
  • Web portal implementation
  • Web services development

The Microsoft Certified Professionals at CompuWork are proficient with the following:

Development platforms and tools

  • Microsoft Office (Access / Excel / Word / SharePoint Server)
  • Microsoft SQL Server and SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Visual Studio and the .NET Framework

Our team explores the issues and the objectives, then documents the givens and the constraints. From there begin:

System design and architecture

  • Conceive a master plan
  • Select the most appropriate technologies and platforms
  • Clarify the particulars of what must be done and how best to do it

We have worked with many diverse clients from various industries and have seen many situations and scenarios. Our extensive experience enables us to anticipate unforeseeable pitfalls and to better predict what will work and what will not.

Software and systems engineering

Given a general system design, the CompuWork team then works through the myriad of details necessary to transform a concept into a solution. Our experts determine:

  • How best to apply the selected technologies
  • Exactly what components will be needed
  • How the components will be implemented
  • Where and how the components will be deployed
  • How they will be configured, interfaced, controlled and monitored

We have considerable expertise in assembling components to devise efficient systems.

Data analysis, data modeling and database design

Information derives from data. Formally describing an organization’s data (specifying the types, permissible values, interrelationships, etc.) is essential to ensure that the underlying database can accommodate all expected data without the loss of any meaningful information. It also ensures that the information can be retrieved efficiently.

The CompuWork team is well versed in relational theory and is highly skilled in data analysis and data modeling. Using object-role modeling (ORM) methods, our team can produce diagrams and fact reports that laypersons and end-users can understand.

Using an iterative approach, our team works with the client’s team to refine and confirm the data model. This ensures that the requisite data structures are complete, correct and appropriate.

Application development

This stage involves building the components. The ability to program an efficient user interface or to code an event-triggered procedure that enforces business process rules are examples of the talents our team members typically employ in the process of developing an overall solution. Our techies love a challenge and always rise to meet it.

Business processes and Systems integration

Today very few applications exist in isolation. Most are integrated with other systems. To enable that integration and to maintain order, procedures must be defined and interfaces must be implemented. Clients often prefer to automate such processes so as to render them seamless in the eyes of end-users.

Our professionals are seasoned choreographers. We understand very well the issues involved and are familiar with the options and alternatives for dealing with these issues.

Software and system deployment

Getting it out, up and running, training users and establishing usage policies are critical parts of every project. We work closely with our clients’ teams to carefully plan these steps, to manage user expectations and to ensure that every rollout goes as smoothly as possible. A smooth deployment and positive user experiences are our greatest satisfactions.

Support and Maintenance

Live systems require maintenance. Factors as diverse as hardware obsolescence, platform changes, evolving business processes and regulatory changes affect live systems. Applications often must be stretched, extended and used in ways never imagined when they were first conceived.

This can present daunting challenges, but we have a successful track record of extending the useful life of many an application through determined effort and ingenuity.