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Office 2013 vs Office 365

by Troy Polson on 06/Dec/2013

The main difference between Office 2013 and Office 365 is that Office 2013 is the normal way Microsoft has delivered office in the past. You buy the product and you own it outright for life. With Office 365, Microsoft is using the software as a service model to "rent" office to you for a subscription fee that can be by month or year. With your subscription you are not limited to one machine or device, but can instead install it on up to 5 PC's/MAC's/devices.

Office 365 pricing runs about $10 per month or $99 per year. This can be a good cost savings if you upgraded Office every couple years and a substantial savings if you bought copies for more than 1 computer/device each time you upgraded.

Updates for the 365 version are also expected to be released slightly more frequently than the standard product counterpart.

Here is a link to Microsoft's comparison site: