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Database Design and Development

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Our experts are Microsoft certified specialists.
We are a trusted business partner for over 30 years.
Many businesses have unique data management challenges at the operational level. They often need to build and maintain a data store for that data. Step-1 is to design and implement the set of tables needed to store the operational data. We are database specialists.

The data structures have to accommodate the raw data as it exists. The data has to be logically organized and stored in such a manner that it can be filtered, sorted, rolled up, aggregated and manipulated as necessary to manage operations, feed other systems, and to provide business intelligence.

Designing a relational database is not an ad hoc process like laying out a spreadsheet. A properly designed database reflects the well-defined rules and principles of relational theory. It is not an art; it is engineering. When a database is professionally implemented it provides more than a collection of table structures. It enforces rules to ensure that the data is clean and consistent; it can ensure that required values are present and that only data within defined limits or the set of permissible values or codes is allowed. Designing and implementing a database is a job for professionals.

Once your database is designed our Microsoft Certified professionals can help you initialize it. We can load your code tables. We can batch import legacy data. We can build interfaces to other databases and services to provide automation and workflow. We are solution providers.

CompuWork Pacific is an applications developer and systems integrator specializing in data management and usage. We devise, build and implement solutions to information management challenges.