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microsoft excel
Our experts are Microsoft certified specialists.
We are a trusted business partner for over 30 years.
Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application which features formula calculations, graphing, pivot tables and a powerful macro programming language. It has a wide range of capabilities, from maintaining simple lists to creating high-end data analysis applications. Microsoft Excel has become a standard application in many office environments.

Excel is part of the Microsoft Office suite. It shares the same programing language as other MS Office applications, so it is relatively easy to integrate it into solutions where it works together with Access, Word or Outlook.

CompuWork uses MS Excel to build complex reporting and data analyzing solutions. MS Excel is an excellent tool for creating “what if” scenarios. We have also helped many organizations migrate their MS Excel data into SQL Server or MS Access databases. We also do the reverse, using Excel as a tool to extend these database systems, importing data into worksheets for further analysis by the end user.

When you choose CompuWork to build your custom solution using MS Excel you are dealing with professionals who have decades of MS Excel experience. Excel has been a core part of many of our applications starting in the1990s and continues to be so today.