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Our experts are Microsoft certified specialists.
We are a trusted business partner for over 30 years.
Microsoft Word is a graphical word processing application that allows user to create rich, visually attractive documents. Microsoft Word has become a standard application in many office environments.

In addition to simply creating good looking text documents, Microsoft Word can be integrated with other Microsoft Office applications to automate various tasks using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) code. Some examples include mail merges, database lookups, and automated fax and emailing.

CompuWork has created many custom solutions linking MS Word to Access or SQL Server databases to create customized letters, manuals and legal documents. We have automated several documentation generating processes by controlling Word from other applications and replacing custom keywords with database entries. We have used VBA programming to insert or suppress whole sections and format documents at run-time. We have also automated the batch printing of large groups of MS Word documents.

When you choose CompuWork to build your custom database solution using MS Word you are dealing with professionals who have decades of hands-on MS Word experience. Word has evolved greatly since we started using it to enhance applications over 20 years ago, and CompuWork has evolved right along with it.